HP IMPORTS is a family owned business, created by a couple of passionate individuals who want to support the beauty and creativity of Central American Art.  We have a wide range of beautiful handcrafted pottery and hope to continue to increase our product selection to help you create the project of your dreams.  

We are excited to share the inspirational stories behind each creation and the opportunities it's creating for the communities of Central America.  With all of us adjusting after a pandemic and everything happening in the world, we are choosing to stay focused and positive in building something that will support love, peace and unity.  Stay tuned to learn about our new adventures in discovering the creative world of Central America.   



I started my artistic journey as a young girl growing up in East Austin, the desire to create art that I attained soon became an unyielding obligation to myself to explore the inner mechanism of my creative consciousness. My art was a highly-personal reflection of myself and my world was opened when my art teacher invited me to showcase my work.  Although my life took a turn in working professionally as a microbiologist and now an Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse I’ve now been lucky enough to have the opportunity to showcase and support the artistic talents of the Honduran community. I  see first hand the negative results of the world that we live in today but chose to continue to stay positive and focused on creating peace, love and unity.  I am excited about being able to use my creative talents to help others create the space of their dreams while supporting humble artist.

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Since arriving to the United States, I’ve had the privilege to work as a professional in the Air Conditioning industry working with high end clients.    During this time, I also dreamed about having the opportunity to one day showcase the unique handcrafted pottery from my beautiful home country of Honduras. I love and appreciate people of all races and ethnicities and can't wait to create something that brings us all together.  I gather much of my inspiration from personal experiences, the environment and cultures around the world and hope to continue to discover new handcrafted creations.  Even though I create primarily for myself, my work has been well received by buyers and critics alike; a fact I don’t take lightly. If you would like to talk about working together, or if you have a specific project you would like to propose, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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